Fill your home with the smell of baby powder by using it for cleaning and other household purposes. Here are some ways in which you can use baby powder around your home.


Cleaning Purposes

Closet And Drawers Freshener

After having your clothes packed away in your closet or drawers for a long time, you will find that there is a musty smell in them. You may freshen up your closet by sprinkling a small amount of baby powder in a dish and placing it inside the closet.


You may also freshen up your drawers by putting the powder in sachets and placing them in each drawer. Baby powder contains a type of moisture that will help to remove the musty smell and freshen up your closet and drawers.


Grease Splatter

Getting grease splatter on your clothing can be one of the worst things that can happen to you. You might have been trying so many grease removing chemicals, and there is no good result, so you have given up.


Baby powder is the right solution to get rid of the grease splatter. Try rubbing the splatter with some baby powder on a sponge. Rub the grease splatter with the baby powder sponge, until the mark is all gone.


Shiny Sink

Use baby powder to get your stainless steel sink looking shiny and new.

After washing and drying your sink, sprinkle some baby powder all over it, and buff until your sink is sparkly clean.


Other Uses

Flower Bulbs Protection

Baby powder will help to protect the roots of your flower bulbs from not rotting and growing mold. Many gardeners always use this tip to protect their precious flower bulbs before planting.


To apply this tip, you will place a few lower bulbs each time into a ziplock bag. Place about 2 tablespoons of baby powder into the bag and shake vigorously. Remove the bulbs and plant them in the prepared soil.


Loosening Playing Cards

This baby powder vintage trick is one that has been used amongst card players and is still used in modern days. When you buy a new pack of cards, they keep sticking together, making it very hard to play with.


To loosen up the cards, you should place them in a plastic bag along with a small amount of baby powder. Shake the bag well to distribute the powder amongst the cards. Remove the cards and shake the powder off them. You will find that the cards are smooth and much easier to play with.


Alternative For Deodorant

In case you ever find yourself out of deodorant, don’t panic. Once you have a bottle of baby powder in the house, you are okay. Sprinkle a little baby powder into your palm and rub it under your armpits.


This powder actually eliminates odor and has such a wonderful smell. Many folks use only baby powder on their bodies, and they always have that lovely baby smell.


Dog Flea Repellent

Baby powder can be used to get rid of fleas on your precious pet. Isn’t that great?


To get rid of these annoying fleas off your pet, you may sprinkle some baby powder over the entire body of your pet. Your pet’s bed will also be more comfortable if you put some baby powder too. The powder will let the fleas all perish.


Cooling Your Sheets

During the summer it is so relaxing to get under some cool sheets. To get your sheets to feel cool, just sprinkle a light covering of baby powder between your sheets.


You may do this a few minutes before getting into your bed. This is one of the best ways to freshen up those sheets that you didn’t have time to wash.


Sand Remover

Whenever you might be thinking of heading to the beach, it would be best for you to take along some baby powder. Why? you might be thinking what have baby powder got to do with the beach. Well, baby powder helps to remove the sand that will always find itself on your clothes, in your house and even in your car.


To easily get the sand off, just sprinkle some baby powder onto the clothes or anywhere else that have the sand. You will find it much easier to brush off all the sand that has accumulated.


Ant Repellent

It sounds so impossible to say that baby powder is an excellent ant repellent. Ants will never cross the baby powder line as long as the powder is in its way. Baby powder is safer to use especially around food, and it is less expensive than the chemical repellent.


To repel the ants just sprinkle a little baby powder wherever you know that ants always crawl and you will never again be bothered by these little nuisances.

Squeaky Floors

Squeaky floors can be a real nuisance, especially at nights when everything is quiet. You may try everything to solve this problem but never can. get a good result.


Sprinkling some baby powder between the floorboards and then sweeping it into the cracks will instantly stop the boards from squeaking ever again and getting scared.


Swimmers Caps

Putting on your swimming cap can be very antagonizing. But before putting on your cap, sprinkle some baby powder into it, and rub the cap together.


By doing this, your cap will be able to cover your head and there will be no tearing and pulling of your hair.


Fuller Eyelashes

Most ladies want fuller eyelashes. Baby powder is one of the easiest and less costly ways to make your eyelashes fuller. What you may do is dust a small amount of baby powder onto your eyelashes before applying the mascara.


It is best to apply the baby powder with a q-tip. Then add another coat of mascara to hide the white powder. You will be so surprised at how your lashes are looking so fuller and beautiful.


Tangled Necklace Chains

There are so many times the chains of necklaces get all tangled up and you don’t know what to do. There is a simple trick to untangle all those necklace chains that can make your life so much easier.


Dust the necklace chains with some baby powder and slowly remove them with a pin. You will be so surprised at how easily the chains get untangled.


Swollen Heels

Swollen heels always happen to people who walk a lot. To prevent your heels from getting swollen, you don’t have to use expensive over counter drugs. A little baby powder can do wonders for those swollen heels.


Rub a small amount of baby powder unto your heels before placing your feet into your shoes. By using this trick, you will be able to keep the pressure off your feet and prevent your heels from swelling.


Gloves Treatment

Folks who work in the medical field should know about this trick with baby powder and gloves. Rubber or latex gloves are sometimes difficult to get on and off your hands. Applying some baby powder with your fingers inside the gloves before putting them on will help in the on and off process to be much easier.


The baby powder helps to eliminate the moisture in the gloves to be eliminated, and the pulling and tearing will be avoided when wearing gloves.


Chafing Problems

Chafing can occur in either gender.  Baby Powder is great at protecting between your thighs from chafing.  During the hot summer days or even before exercising,  you may dust some baby powder between your thighs. 


Using the baby powder will help to eliminate all that pain and discomfort by your thighs rubbing together.


Dry Skin And Eczema Treatment

Baby powder works just like how you would use a moisturizer to soothe your dry skin.  If ever you find out that your skin might have eczema-prone areas that get very sweaty and makes the irritation worse, baby powder will surely help you. 

Gently rub some baby powder to calm the affected area, mostly paying attention to the folds of the skin.  Always try to keep a bottle of baby powder with you during the hot summer days.


Facial Oil Absorbmant

Baby powder acts as an absorbent primer and can remove facial oils.  To prevent your face from looking too shiny, you can use it as a primer before putting on your makeup. 


If your face powder seems a little too dark for your complexion, adding a small amount of baby powder will help to lighten it up.

Dry Shampoo

You don’t have to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner to get rid of excess oil.  You can just sprinkle some baby powder at the roots of your hair to help absorb the oil.  If your hair is dark you may be wondering about the powder showing.  No, it doesn’t have to show.


All you have to do is to mix the baby powder with a small amount of cocoa powder so that the color will match your hair.  For those ladies with red hair add a small amount of cinnamon powder to the baby powder.

Smooth Legs

Baby powder helps to absorb any excess oil on the skin’s surface before applying wax.  After exfoliating your skin to prepare for waxing, apply the baby powder. 


Removing the excess oil by using the powder this will enable the wax to grab the hairs much better. Therefore your skin will be smoothed by the cooling effects of this sensational baby powder.

Ways To Use Baby Powder Around Your Home

Tips and tricks for using baby powder around your home and garden.


Closet and drawers freshener

Use to clean up grease and oil splatter.

Buff stainless steel sink for a shiny look.

Protect roots of flower bulbs from mold and prevent rotting.

Loosen up playing cards.

Use as an alternative for deodorant.

Homemade dog flea repellent.

Sprinkle over bed sheets to make them cool.

DIY and budget-friendly ant repellent.

Use to stop wood floor from squeaking.


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