Want to have a nice smelling bathroom? Take what you can from these 15 easy bathroom smell hacks, tips, and tricks.


1. Light Up Some Tissue

This tip is for when you are low on options and want to get rid of bad odors. It is also an adult-only option. Light some toilet paper to eliminate bad odors when you are using the toilet.

You will just need to roll some tissue tightly, put in a jar, then place that jar in a wide container.


Light the tissue when you are ready to use the toilet, and the subtle smoke that will come from the burning tissue will overpower any bad odors.

No, the smoke won’t end up suffocating you. It should be just a small amount of smoke if you don’t make a huge roll of burning tissue.

Tissue Bathroom Odor Eliminator

Tissue Bathroom Odor Eliminator


Take a good amount from a roll of toilet paper.

Tightly roll the toilet paper.

Insert the rolled-up toilet paper into a mason jar, then light just like you would do with a candle.

Put the mason jar with the lit tissue in a wide container to catch burnt pieces of tissue that will be falling.

You can use this whenever you use your toilet, as the light smoke from the burning tissue will overpower any bad odors.


2. Use A Scented Candle

You can light a scented candle whenever you are using the bathroom. And even when the bathroom is not in use.


If you are not too fond of buying scented candles, you can put your candle in a jar of coffee beans and you will get the fragrance from the coffee when you light the candle.

This may seem like a very obvious idea, but sometimes it is best to start with the basics. Why jump to all the other awesome smell hacks without including a tip as simple as lighting a candle.


3. Fabric Softener In Toilet Tank

Use some fabric softener in your toilet tank for an easy bathroom smell hack.

Simply pour some into the tank, and you will be flushing with wonderful scented water when you use your toilet.


4. DIY Mason Jar Air Freshener

Make your own frugal and inexpensive mason jar air freshener. All you will need are some cotton balls, essential oil, and a mason jar.

This is very easy and simple to make. Put the cotton balls into the mason jar, then put some essential oil on them. Use an essential oil that you will enjoy smelling.

You can keep this jar of cotton balls and essential closed in your bathroom and open it when you are ready to use the bathroom and get some nice fragrance in the air.


5. Essential Oil In The Bin

Give the garbage bin in your bathroom some help, by adding some nice fragrance to with a few drops of essential oil.


6. Tissue Roll Smell Hack

You can easily add some nice scent to your bathroom by putting some sweet-smelling cologne or perfume in the tissue roll.

Make certain that you do not allow the cologne or perfume to touch the tissue. It should only come in contact with the middle of the cardboard tissue roll.


7. Fresh Mint In The Shower

If you want your shower to smell like some fresh herbs, here is an easy way to do it.


Get a bunch of fresh mint, and wrap with a rubber band, or two if necessary. Next, wrap the rubber band with mint around the showerhead.

This will make your shower smell like fresh mint. You can do this with just about any nice smelling herbs you prefer. Just make sure to use a new fresh bunch every few days.


8. Toothpaste In Toilet Tank

Cut a tube of toothpaste and put in your toilet tank to get fresh-scented water from the tank when flushing.

You don’t have to use a full tube of toothpaste. You can use a half-full tube. Keep this in the tank for as long it lasts to keep the water fresh and nice.


9. Pantyhose Air Freshener

Use the foot of an old pantyhose to make an air freshener for your bathroom.


What you will need to do is cut off a foot of the pantyhose, put some baking soda in it and add some essential oil.

Tie the foot of pantyhose with baking soda and essential oil around your shower rod. This will serve the purpose of absorbing bad odors and of course, it will add some nice fragrance too.

Pantyhose Bathroom Air Freshener

Pantyhose Bathroom Air Freshener


  • Foot Of Pantyhose
  • Baking Soda
  • Essential Oil


Use a pair of scissors to cut off a foot of pantyhose.

Fill the foot of pantyhose with baking soda, and add a few drops of essential oil.

When pouring in the baking soda into the pantyhose, leave back enough space in order to tie the pantyhose.

Make a knot on the pantyhose, then tie it around the shower rod, or wherever you find appropriate in your bathroom to absorb bad odors.

10. Baking Soda On Rugs

Sometimes the rugs in the bathroom can be the reason why there is bad odors in there. They do get wet or damp at times, so they’ll develop funky odors.

You can freshen up those rugs, even if you are not ready to wash them. Sprinkle some baking soda on the rugs, let it sit for a while to absorb bad odors, then shake out the baking soda.

The rugs should have freshened up, as baking soda is one of the best products for absorbing bad odors.


11. Freshen Up The Basin

The drain in the basin may also be responsible for unpleasant odors in your bathroom.

At nights, pour some rubbing alcohol down the drain to kill bacteria that cause the stinky odors. 


12. Fragrance For Toilet Brush

Put a few drops of essential oil on your toilet brush. This will make it smell nice, and put some pleasant fragrance in the toilet bowl whenever you use the brush in it.

13. Sprite Poopourri

Make your own poopourri with a bottle of sprite. It’s always nice to have a good-smelling air freshener to use when you are done with the toilet.


Get a bottle of sprite and add some essential oil to it.

Add some slices of fresh lime. Lemon or even oranges can do too.

Add some sprigs of fresh mint for a minty fragrance. And you can put also add about a quarter cup of white vinegar.

Put on a spray top on the bottle, and use to spray your bathroom as poopourri or air freshener.

Sprite Poopouri

Sprite Poopouri

How to make poopourri with Sprite.


  • Bottle Of Sprite
  • Spray Top
  • Sprigs Of Mint
  • Essential Oil
  • Vinegar
  • Lime Slices


Pour out some of the Sprite from the bottle to make space for the other ingredients that will be added to the bottle.

Cut some small slices of lime. They should be small enough to go into the Sprite bottle.

Add essential oil, vinegar and the sprigs of mint to the bottle of Sprite after inserting the slices of lime.

Put a spray top onto the bottle, and use as poopourri or air freshener.

14. Dawn Dish Soap In The Bowl

Dawn dish soap is one of my favorite liquid soaps to use. The fragrance is subtle but very nice. 

Try using some Dawn dish soap to wash the toilet bowl. Do this right before, you have guests arriving, and they’ll be amazed at the scent of your bathroom.


15. Orange Juice In Toilet Tank

Squeeze the juice of a fresh sweet orange in your toilet tank to put some nice fragrance in there. You will be getting the best of two worlds with this tip.

Whenever you flush the toilet, the fragrance of fresh orange juice will freshen up the toilet bowl. Citrus juices are also good for helping to remove rust and hard water stains.

16. Kool-Aid Air Freshener

Kool-Aid usually smells so wonderful. You can get that fragrance in your bathroom by pouring some Kool-Aid and baking soda in a jar and putting it in your bedroom.

Bathroom Smell Hacks And Tips

Bathroom Smell Hacks And Tips

How to make your bathroom smell really nice and fresh.


  1. Roll up some toilet paper and light to use the smoke to overpower bad odors.
  2. Use a scented candle in your bathroom.
  3. Pour fabric softener in the toilet tank.
  4. Make air freshener with essential oil and cotton balls.
  5. Put essential oil in the garbage bin to add some fragrance.
  6. Spritz the middle of the tissue roll with cologne or perfume.
  7. Tie a bunch of fresh mint or herbs around the showerhead.
  8. Cut a tube of toothpaste and put in toilet tank.
  9. Absorb bad odors by hanging the foot of a pantyhose with baking soda and essential oil in bathroom.
  10. Use baking soda to refresh bathroom rugs.
  11. Eliminate bacteria in the drain of the basin with rubbing alcohol.
  12. Put a few drops of essential oil on toilet brush.
  13. Make poopouri with a bottle of Sprite, fresh mint sprigs, lime slices, essential oil, and vinegar.
  14. Use Dawn dish soap to wash and freshen up toilet bowl.
  15. Squeeze fresh orange juice in toilet tank to add nice fragrance.

I hope that your bathroom turns out smelling wonderful with whichever of these tips you choose to use.

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