There are so many tips and tricks to help you get things done easily around the house.  The stores encourage us to buy their products by placing elaborate ads all over the place for us to see. 


You do need many of these products, but my idea about these products is that they might smell and clean very good. But by inhaling those chemicals, you may be putting your health at risk.


There are many, many things around the house that you would not dare think that they would have so many uses.  Salt is a very important item in a homemakers kitchen. The first thing that comes to your mind whenever you hear about salt, is giving taste to our meals.


There are so many things that salt can do around the house, not only in the kitchen.  Below I will be giving you some tips on how you may use salt around your house and garden.


1) Whenever you buy new clothes at the stores, it is always best to add some salt to the water when washing them for the first time.  This is to prevent the color from running.


2) There is always a trick to everything, even boiling water on the stove.  Salt makes the water boil at a higher temperature, and therefore it boils up quickly.  This reduces the cooling time of the water.


3) Shelling nuts is a part of relaxation for many people.  Soak the nuts overnight, and you will be shocked to see how they crack out of their shells very quickly.


4) When you make your salad you should add some salt water to your spinach and lettuce before serving.  The salt water will keep them very crispy.


5) Greasy Pots can be cleaned easily by putting a little salt in the pot.  Spread the salt around with paper towel, and wipe vigorously.


6) Greasy fires do happen occasionally in the kitchen.  To extinguish this type of fire, do not use water.  Instead, toss some salt on the fire caused by grease, and this will help to smother the flame.


7) Have you ever been bothered by slugs in your garden?  You don’t have to buy any chemicals at the store to get rid of them.  What you can do is sprinkle salt directly on these pests, and you may sprinkle the salt around the plants to prevent other pests from coming in the future.


Now that you have learned these awesome tricks, try putting all these ideas to good use. You will be happy that you have heard about them.


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