It is always best to use natural cleaning agents and household products around your home and garden. Borax is one of those naturally occurring minerals that won’t cause health problems and make your home toxic.

It is fully natural and does not contain harmful ingredients that will poison the human body. Borax does not absorb through the skin, cause cancer or accumulate in nature or the body.


Here are some ways to use borax in your home and garden.


Remove Rust From Tools

There is no need to put aside your rusty tools when you have some borax on hand. Make a paste with lemon juice and some borax and put on the rusty areas. Let it sit for a while, then clean properly. This should get your tools looking shiny and new.


Chemical-Free Floor Cleaner

Cleaning floors is one of the main ways a lot of people spread toxic chemicals throughout their homes. Floors get dirty, they are in every room and must be cleaned. Make a non-toxic floor cleaner with some vinegar, dish soap, borax, and warm water. Now you won’t have to worry about chemicals being distributed around your house while cleaning your dirty floors.


DIY Carpet Powder

Eliminate carpet odors with a mixture of lavender leaves, essential oil, citrus peel, baking soda and borax. This DIY carpet cleaner will get your carpet fresh and clean make your house smell amazing.


Clear A Clogged Drain

Yuck! I hate having to deal with a clogged drain. But borax can save the day. Use a mixture of borax and lemon juice to pour down your clogged drain. The borax should loosen up some gunk, or maybe all. After letting it sit a while, pour in some hot water to finish loosening any remaining gunk.


Clean A Dirty Showerhead

A dirty showerhead can be a bit technical to clean. With borax, you don’t need to do any scrubbing though. Soak your dirty showerhead in a plastic bag filled with borax and water. Let it soak for about 1/2 hour and then rinse properly.


Chemical-Free Weed Killer

Weed in your yard and garden can be so annoying. But if you are like me, you don’t want to be spreading chemicals around your yard just to get rid of weed. Mix borax with water and spray on areas with weed. The borax will eliminate the weed. But be careful not to spray it on plants that you don’t want to get rid of.


Clean Dull Chinaware

If your decade-old China dish set is looking dull, soak them in some borax and warm water. This will get them shiny and looking almost as good as new once more.


Natural Ant Killer

Are ants taking over your home? Well, feed them with some borax and honey. The honey will entice them and the borax will eliminate them. Combine both borax and honey and place in corners of your home and garden. Don’t worry they ants will definitely find this mixture and won’t hesitate to indulge.


Fluffy Slime

It can be so exciting to find out what secret ingredient is used to make a particular slime. And even more exciting to learn that borax can make slime. Use a mixture of borax, shaving cream, paper glue and food coloring to make your own DIY fluffy slime.


Now that you’ve seen how versatile borax can be, what will you be doing/making with it? Also, if you have any additional borax tips, I would love to hear!


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  1. Shasta Jones Reply

    We have always used Borax to eliminate flea infestation on carpets. Something my Grandma always has said.

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