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Dusting is probably one of the worst chores for me. I am okay with making sure things are clean in my house. But dusting gets me coughing and feeling awful.

I don’t like dusting, but I also cannot live with dust taking over my house. So I like to find ways to reduce the amount of dust build up in my home.


Check your ceilings for dust. You might be surprised to see how much capable your ceilings are when it comes to accumulating dust. Make a regular routine for dusting your ceilings, as sometimes a portion of the dust you wake up to might be falling from the ceiling.

Walls accumulate dust too. Clean your walls regularly to prevent dust from building up. I think most people underestimate walls when it comes to dust. Remember, you won’t be able to see every single dust particle in your home. Just rub your hand over a wall that has not been cleaned in a while. Don’t be shocked if you remove your hand and see the dust on your fingers.

Toss your carpet. Yes, I said that! But it is totally up to you. I don’t use carpets, because I just don’t want to have to deal with all the dust that will live in it.

Ask guests to remove their shoes. My house, my rules. I know some guests just don’t like the idea of taking off their shoes. But every home is different, so your guests should play by rules when they visit you.

Provide an alternative to bare feet. You can take into consideration those with stinky feet, or with health issues and can’t walk on the floor without shoes. Have slipper socks in place as an option. And you might want to provide these to all your guest during cold weather too. It is no fun being on a cold floor with bare feet.

Brush your pet more often. Our furry babies are one of our main providers of dust. Brush them regularly, even if when it’s not time to give them a bath. This will drastically reduce the amount of pet hair and dust in your home.

Get rid of that pretty feather duster. This sounds harsh, but you won’t regret doing this. Feather dusters are cute to have around, but they don’t get rid of dust. They just spread the dust to some other place.

Use a damp cloth for dusting. Dusting with a dry cloth won’t really help to reduce dust in your house. It just scatters the dust particles.  A damp cloth will absorb the dust, so you won’t just be sending the dust to another location in your house when dusting. Dusting

Wash the tools you use for dusting. The tools you use for dusting can help to keep dust in your home. If you don’t properly clean these after using, you will be keeping some of the dust in your house. So make it a routine of yours to clean up those tools after dusting.

Get The Necessary Tools. Using proper tools are designed for dusting will help you to reach into areas that would be otherwise almost impossible to reach. So make sure to source essential dusting tools and some unconventional ones too in order to get your dusting chores done properly.

All the best with dusting and trying to keep down dust in your home. Do remember those to check those little areas like your mattress and the top of your fridge. Dust particles are very much in favor of hanging in these cozy places.

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