Olive oil is my preferred oil of choice in the kitchen. I also like using olive oil for health purposes. But, did you know that you can use olive oil for household and cleaning purposes? Today, I am sharing with you some old fashioned and vintage household and cleaning tips with olive oil.


Polish Kitchen Cabinets

Wood kitchen cabinets can get dried out and look damaged if not polished with some form of oil, while or after being cleaned. Olive oil mixed with baking soda, and some warm water can be used to clean your cabinets. This will leave your wood cabinets looking not only clean, but also shiny.


Clean Stainless Steel

To make stainless sheen look shiny and new, apply a light coat of olive oil. Then rub until shine. You will want to make sure you rub out the oil properly, as you don’t want the surface to end up looking smeared.


Unstick Zippers

Zipper not moving? Pour a bit of olive oil on the zipper teeth. This should loosen up things, get your zipper functioning again.


Polish Garden Tools

You can either polish your garden tools before using them with olive oil for an easy clean up, or polish your tools after cleaning them with olive to prevent rusting.


Make Oven Racks Slide Easier

Oven racks not sliding freely? Polish the sides of your oven racks with olive oil. This will make them slide freely in and out of your oven.


Polish Wood Cutting Board


Just like wood cabinets, your wood cutting boards some moisture from oil to prevent them from getting dried out after cleaning. A mixture of salt and lemon juice is good to sanitize your wood cutting boards, but do polish them after cleaning with some olive oil.


Remove Scratches From Wood

You can remove minor scratches from wood by using a cloth to rub the area with olive oil. And you can also use olive oil to polish your wood furniture.


Remove Tape Residue

Stubborn tape residue on your household items? Apply some olive oil to area, let it sit for about 15 minutes. The olive will soften the tape residue and make it less of a challenge to remove.


Eliminate Squeaky Hinges

Door hinges making too much noise? Add some olive oil to those hinges to lubricate them. You can do this by using a spray bottle to get the olive oil in those crevices and corners. This should eliminate the squeaking.


Clean Wood Floors

After washing your your wood floors, they can look dried out and dull. Olive can add some sheen and get them looking nice again. Just sprinky a little olive oil, and use a mop to distribute evenly.


If you don’t want to use your treasured olive oil for cleaning and household purposes, you can opt to use olive oil that has gotten old. If your olive smells a bit rancid, you can still use that olive oil for polishing gardening tools, oven racks and many more household items.

Happy Cleaning!


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