Yes! It is quite possible to scour your pot and pans with steel wool without damaging your fingers. It can be a daunting task to clean pots and pans when they have really gone bad. But steel wool makes it easier. Although, I must admit that cleaning with steel wool isn’t always easy on the fingers!


I recently had an old pot that needed some scouring. When I was done, I almost thought that I had the condition of ‘dishpan hands.’ But the steel wool that was the culprit. I had cuts on my fingers from all that scouring and cleaning with the steel wool.


If we are on the same page here, you know that there is always the pot that needs some scouring with some good ol’ steel wool. And you also know that getting cuts from using steel wool is no joke at all. 


So I am glad to be sharing a really helpful tip that will prevent you from looking like you have dishpan hands after using steel wool. Steel wool isn’t really an enemy. We just have to know how to use it!


You will need a regular plastic bottle. The bottle should have a cork that fits it well. You will also need a shoe lace. It does not necessarily have to be a shoe lace. But you will need some form of string, and also a device for boring holes in the cork.


Use a sharp knife to cut off the top section of the bottle. The bottle should not be very large, as you want everything to fit well with your steel wool.


Your next step is to bore two holes in the cork. If you have access to one, you can use a soldering iron to bore holes in the cork. That is what I used, and it made the process very easy. You can use alternative tools for boring your holes though.

Any old lace will do. I grabbed a lace from my hubby’s old boots. But if you have some strings or ribbons, those could do the trick too. Don’t be afraid to get creative and find alternative materials, or use what you have.


Pull one end of the lace or string through the steel wool. Then pull both ends of the lace through the top of the bottle. Next, pull both ends of the lace through the two holes in the cork.


Put the cork back on the bottle and screw tightly. Pull the ends of the lace so that the steel wool sits right in the bottle top. You can adjust the lace as you please and make knots to keep the steel wool in place.

You can now scour away without getting your fingers damaged. Instead of holding onto the steel wool, just hold the bottle instead when scouring your pots and pans. The bottle top will act as a shield for your fingers, while you still get to properly scour your pots and pans.

I just wish I had known this some time ago before cleaning that pot and getting my fingers damaged! Lucky you, your fate won’t be the same as mine 🙂

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