There are many different ways to rid your carpet and rugs of stains. But sometimes, the greater challenge comes from not having the necessary cleaning agents available to eliminate those stains.

Beer is an item that most people, including myself, usually have on hand. And the good news is that it is an awesome cleaning agent. Yes, that is the beer you have in your kitchen. And no, I do not drink beer! But I am happy to share with you how to clean carpet and rug stains with Beer!


If your carpet has been stained by wine, coffee or so, and has not yet been dried, use paper towel to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Wipe or blot the area repeatedly until most of the liquid has been absorbed.


You will need to use the beer in the right way to remove the stain. If not done properly, you could also cause your carpet to be stained by the beer. That would be double trouble. And you want to avoid that.


After soaking up the excess liquid with the paper towel, apply some beer to the stained area. The beer should be room temperature.


Use a clean cloth to blot the area repeatedly. The cloth should be clean and preferably white. It should also be of a fabric that absorbs liquid well.


If the stain is not gone after your first trial, repeat the process by applying more beer and blotting with the cloth. Repeat this process until the stain is gone. You should be able to some progress with removing after repeating this process a few times.


When you have seen enough progress, apply water to the same area before the beer dries up. You will be doing this to get rid of any form of residue in your carpet. The beer may be guilty of leaving a little residue if this step is not taken.


Applying water and blotting the area with a clean cloth repeatedly will get it all cleaned up. You can also choose to dry your carpet to make the process complete. That is after you have properly cleaned up all residue of beer though.


So grab some beer when next you have a coffee spill, and your carpet will be as good as new again. Have you ever used beer for cleaning anything? What else would you recommend for cleaning carpet stains.


There are a lot more tips and tricks here on the blog for cleaning your home. So do stick around and share a trick or two if you have any, or care to share.

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