Don’t you just love the beauty that wood floors add to a home? It is simply undeniable that wood floors are the most welcoming and elegant flooring type 🙂 At least, in my opinion.

But they can be tricky to care for. Wood floors are very delicate. So you have to understand how to care for your wood floors. Or you could end up ruining them, and having to spend a ton to repair them.

I have an unusual way to share with you for cleaning your wood floors. This method includes using black tea to clean your wood floors. I know… This one is surprising. But it definitely is worth the try.


This method is best for wood floors that have not been sealed. Or for wood floors that have not been properly sealed. There are different ways to care for and clean different types of wood floors. So I do not suggest using this method on properly sealed wood floors.

The ingredients you will need include half gallon of water and 8 bags of black tea. Of course you will need the other necessaries like your mop, mop bucket, broom and dust pan. You will need a rag too.

The black tea method works for cleaning your wood floors by adding a light stain. The Tannins in the tea are responsible for this. Also, some types of black tea, especially those derived from the Camellia sinensis plant contain polyphenolic compounds that prevent bacteria from growing.

Bring the half gallon of water to a boil. You can simply do this on your stove top. Then steep the 8 bags of tea for about 20 minutes. Squeeze all the liquid from the tea bags before getting rid of them.


It is important to note that the more tea bags you use, is the darker the stain that your wood floors would get. So you can use less tea bags if you have light wood floors, and do not want them to get a dark stain.


You want to make sure the tea mixture is cool or luke warm before applying it to your floor. So while waiting for your mixture to be cooled, you can dust your floor and prepare it for wet- mopping.


You can test the mixture on a tiny part of your floor by applying just a bit with the cleaning rag. If you are alright with how that turned, pour the entire mixture into your mop bucket and use it to wet- mop your floor.

Always make sure to squeeze out your mop properly, as you should never apply a lot of water to any wood flooring at all. And remember to follow the direction of wood grain when mopping. I hope you like your results if you use black tea to clean your wood floors. I mean, can cleaning get any more interesting than this?

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