I thought I would make it easier for you and make a list with ten of my favorite household and cleaning tips.

These are all projects that I have done myself and all the details are on this blog- Cottage Notes. Let’s get this  list going…


1.How To Clean With Coca Cola

There are many things you can do with Cola Cola. It is good for helping to removing rust. So you can soak your rusty pots and pans with Coca Cola and avoid having to throw them out.

2.The Easiest Way To Clean Your Baseboards

I hate bending over to clean baseboards. I would simply rather not have to clean them if that is what I have to do to get them clean. So an easy way to clean your baseboards is to wrap your broom with a cloth or rag and use it to clean your dirty baseboards.

3.What To Do When You Are Low On Dish Soap

If you are low on dish soap, make a whole in the middle of your cleaning sponge. Then place a regular bar soap in it and washing your dishes. You can also just use a slice of the soap to make things easier.

4.Household Secret: The Rice And Razor Trick

Did you know that rice can help prevent rusting? Well. Now you know. Keep your razors and knives in jars of rice to prevent them from rusting or getting dull.

5.Finally An Easy Way To Clean Your Dirty Fan

I use to find it so hard to clean my dirty fan. But I have found an easy way now. Make cuts in a sponge and use it to get in the crevices and corners of your sponge.

6.How To Clean With Toothpaste

If you have a dull looking pot, toothpaste can help to get it looking shiny. Just cover your pot with toothpaste and let it sit for a few minutes or so. Then rinse properly and your pot should be looking hopeful again.

7.An Easy Way To Clean Your Dirty Shower Head

The dirty shower head woes… Place your dirty shower head in a bag of vinegar with some lemon slices. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. You shouldn’t have to do any scouring after that.

8.How To Clean With A Lint Roller

A lint can be used for way more things than just cleaning up your clothes. It can be used to clean household items as well and even your door or window screens. It is really good at picking up pet hair.

9.How To Use Ketchup For Cleaning

Did you know that the tomato in ketchup has cleaning properties. Lather your dull looking pans with ketchup and get them looking shiny again.


  10.How To Clean With With Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is an abrasive. So it makes the perfect cleaner for crevices and corners and even dirty tile grout. Mix epsom salt with liquid soap and clean dirty tile grout with it.


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