Well… How much more useful can we make the good ol’ foil wrap. I am always reaching for my roll of foil wrap when I stumble into trouble.


The plate with left over dinner I want to quickly stash away in the fridge.

Those tupperware  and storage containers for which I simply can’t locate the covers.

That extra sandwich that needs to be stored somewhere other than in someone’s stomach.

That stove area that gets dirty with all the cooking that needs to be covered.

That piece of fruit that I want to save for later, but do not want to put in a container.


You see… My struggles are many. My struggles are great.

But having a roll of foil wrap prevents one more dirty plate.

And now I have discovered another way to save the day with foil wrap.


It was just the other day I wanted to iron out one of my favorite white blouses. I was so hesitant to put my dirty iron face on it because I knew it wouldn’t end well.

But here is the trick to save the day from being ruined by your dirty iron face:



Cover your iron face with foil wrap like in the photos and iron away. You won’t have to worry about your clothes getting messy by your dirty iron face.


It is always better to clean your iron face.


But who has time for that when you are leaving for the grocery store in five minutes, you have dishes to wash, the floor to mop, your gingham market dress is squished and your iron face is dirty? I guess… Not me! Like this tip? Have any of your own to share? Thanks for reading 🙂

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