Here is the deal. I am trying to eat a healthy diet with less oils and so on…

But there are just times when it is time for comfort food. I knew you would agree 🙂


Here is a tasty and easy Onion Ring recipe I know you will love. Maybe they are the best Onion Rings I have ever eaten. No, I am not being biased. They are really that good!




2 Medium Onions

1 Cup All Purpose Flour

4 Tsp Baking Powder

1 Tsp Paprika

1 Tsp Oregano

1 Tsp Turmeric Powder

1/4 Tsp Salt

1 Cup Water



Strip the onions and slice them crosswise. The thickness of the slices should be about a quarter of an inch. Separate the slices.

Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the water and mix properly.

You will be deep frying the Onion Rings, so prepare your pot and oil.

Dip the slices of onion in the batter and make sure they get coated properly.

Deep fry for 45 to 60 seconds.


I hope you enjoy these delicious Onion Rings as much as I did. If you try them out, please let me know how yours turn out.





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