I am in love with mason jars. Maybe you have already come to that conclusion if you have been looking around this blog.


They are very useful and add a touch of beauty to my home.

I wanted to go  step further with mason jar DIYs. So I decided to make some fabric covers.

Here is how to make your own.


You will need…

Mason Jars

Rubber Band



I used gingham fabric and linen. I love the look of these two types of fabric. They give me the homespun and cozy feeling when I see them.



Cut out squares in the fabric.

Place the fabric over your mason jar. The jars should already have regular covers. So you will just be placing the fabric over the regular covers.

Slip a rubber band over the top of the jar and let it stop at the neck. This will hold the fabric in place.

Or you can cut a strip of fabric and use as a ribbon to hold hold the fabric in place like I did here.



These really add some warmth and are pretty much very decorative.


Do you like mason jars too? What do you use your jars for?

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