I must admit that I do not fancy cooking with much salt. But my salt collection is usually a big one!

I like using salt around my home.


I like pouring some salt down my kitchen sink. It helps to break up grease and freshen up things down there. However, it is best to do this when you know you won’t be using your sink for an hour or so.



Also, notify your household members, so they won’t ruin your plans.

I usually pour about a half of a cup down the sink. Let it stay for at least half of an hour. Then wash it down with hot water.


Here are some more home and garden uses for salt:

Sprinkle salt around your home when you are having issues with frogs and toads. Their skin can’t handle it, so it will keep them away.


Are snails and slugs bugging you? Eating your plants? Here is a solution. Sprinkle salt around the perimeter of your garden and it will keep them away.


Yes, bugs and critters hate salt. So if you sprinkle salt around your home- outdoors and indoors, it will deter them.



Salt is not only good for freshening up your sink. It can also help to clear a clogged drain or sink when mixed with other ingredients. I have done it before. And I will be doing an article with instructions on how to do this.


Have you ever used salt for any of these purposes? What things other than cooking do you use salt for?


Also, I would love to hear about the tips and tricks you use for cleaning and maintaining your home 🙂 I do a Frugal Homemaking Series. So be sure to sign up here to get notified when I do a new project and post it.

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