I spend most of my days at home. But I work from home. So my days can be pretty busy. And I look forward to a nice dinner in the evenings.


However, I like when some things are already prepared, so I can just add to my plate without preparing everything from scratch everyday.

I like having a few slices of cucumbers or other vegetables on my plate to eat. But it can be really easy to pass on those when they weren’t sliced and ready to added to my plate. Maybe that is not so for you. But it is absolutely so for me!


I find that making pickels is an easy way to avoid passing on the vegetables. Here is how to do Pickled Cucumber.

You will need:




Mason Jars


I used 3 medium sized cucumbers and medium sized mason jars.


Slice the cucumbers crosswise and place in the jars.

Bring the vinegar to a boil and then add to jars while hot.

Next, you will need to add salt. The salt is used for preservation. So more than just a pinch a salt should be used. You could use about 1 tablespoon of salt per medium sized mason jar.

Close the jars tightly.


That is it for making your own Pickled Cucumbers.




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