I like  dried thyme leaves for cooking.


But sometimes, there are just some recipes or projects for which I would very much prefer to use fresh thyme.

I also love the smell of the fresh thyme leaves.


But here is the challenge. If fresh thyme is not stored properly, it can start to rot or start drying very quickly.

So here is a trick to keep your thyme fresh a little longer.

Put water in a mason jar and place keep your thyme in the jar. Make sure the roots are in the water.



If you keep the jar of thyme in the fridge, you will have fresh thyme for quite some time 🙂

If you keep it outside of the fridge, you will need to change the water everyday to keep the thyme fresh for a little while.


Let me know if you try this and how it worked out for you.


Also, do you have any tricks of your own to keep your herbs fresh? I wouldn’t mind hearing!

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