It’s quite easy and convenient to pick up a bottle of air freshener when buying groceries. Especially if you know you will be having guests and your house probably smell like a mess!

But it’s really not that healthy to be inhaling all those chemicals.


Moment of truth…

I have guest over quite often. So recently, when my sister, her partner and my nephew were visiting for a weekend, I picked up two bottles of air freshener before they got here. To be honest, I hardly if ever use them. I know it is mainly because I am now aware of all the toxic chemicals I will be gracing my home with.


But I never have to be scared of using essential oils in my home. They are safe and non toxic and make my home smell nice.

Here is how you can use essential oils to make your home smell wonderful:

Mix essential oils with water in a spray bottle to make a room freshener.

Put a drop in your dresser drawer to give your drawer a great fragrance.


Spritz your curtains with your homemade essential oil air freshener for a lasting and pleasant fragrance.

Put a drop of essential oil in the middle of your tissue roll to make your bathroom smell good.

Ditto for your roll of napkin. Your guest will think you bought scented napkins!

You can also place a few drops in your toilet tank. Surely can’t get better than flushing with scented water 🙂



I am not sure if this goes for all paint and all walls. But I tried to use essential oils to remove stains from a wall in my house and it removed the paint! Yikes!!!


So be careful if you plan on being adventurous with essential oils like me.



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    • Cottage Notes Reply

      Hi Brenda!

      I use about 2 drops of oil to 4 cups water 🙂

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