Fall, mason jars, apples…

Are we on the same track here?

Okay! Keep up with with 🙂

I get the cozy and happy feeling at the thought of those words. My favorite season, I really like apples and I cannot have enough mason jars.

So I thought I would add a little flicker of flame to the combination and make some Autumnal Luminaries.

Here is what you will need:

Mason Jar


Sprigs of Mint

Floating Tea Light Candle

Lavender Essential Oil

Lime or Lemon


Here is how to put your Fall Mason Jar Luminary together:

Slice the apple and lemons or limes. I used limes for my project. One apple will do per mason jar and about 3 limes. If you are using lemons, 1 should do.

Layer the slices of lime/lemon and apples in the jar.

Then add the sprigs of mint.

Add 2 drops of lavender essential oil.

Complete with the tea light candle.


Now, ignite your fire!


It is really a beauty to look at. And the fragrance is wonderful.


Have you tried anything like this before? What projects are you working on this Fall?


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