I don’t know if it is just me… But I am not really up for buying a whole lot of cleaning tools and equipment. I prefer to improvise! Maybe you know that by now.


Clothespins come in very handy for me to solve a lot of household problems. They are budget-friendly and can be bought at a dollar store, and they can be used in many projects, from crafts to kitchen organization to household cleaning.


Clothespin Kitchen Towel Rack

Glue clothespins onto a piece of board, and use to hang kitchen towels in your kitchen. This will add some nice decor and flare to your kitchen by displaying your towels in a beautiful way.

Also, you will have your kitchen towels bein kept fresh while keeping them close at hand. Dish towels can easily start smelling unpleasant because of all the food they soak up. So hanging them on display will eliminate this problem.


Eating With A Clothespin & Chopsticks

Chopsticks can be so awkward to use. Don’t feel ashamed though. I really don’t think we were designed to eat that way. Attach your chopsticks to the two sides at the top of a clothespin.

This will give you better control over your chopsticks when eating, and make it possible for you to open and close them as one practical and functional tool.


Use A Clothespin To Hold A Nail In Place

If you are not careful when hammering a nail, you might just end up hammering your fingers as well, while trying to hold that nail in place with your hands.

Hold the nail in place with a clothespin instead, so you won’t have to put your fingers in harm’s way, or the hammer’s way.


Clothespin Snack Bag Clip

You don’t always want to eat all your snack in one go when you open a snack bag. But you also don’t want to allow too much air to enter the bag while you have put away for the next time you are ready for more snacks.

Use clothespins as clips for your snack bags to keep air from entering. Keep some clothespins in your kitchen or pantry for this purpose. A good idea is to store these clothespins in a jar.


My Favorite Tip…

The Clothespin And Sponge Cleaning Trick

Have you ever wanted to clean out some nook and cranny of your house?


Crevices, corners, and creases? Disturbingly dirty little areas that you just can’t reach?

Me too! I have a solution for you 🙂



I recently discovered the clothespin and sponge trick and it works really well…

Use a knife or a pair of scissors to cut a regular cleaning sponge to your required dimensions.


Next, fold the sponge like in the photo below and hold with the clothespin.


Your new cleaning tool can be used to help clean window corners and the little crevices and corners in your home that has been giving you nightmares for quite some time now. Or, maybe you don’t take these things so personal like me 🙂


Either way, your new tool will help you out greatly.


The Clothespin And Sponge Household Trick You Need To Try

The Clothespin And Sponge Household Trick You Need To Try

Making a DIY cleaning tool with a clothespin and cleaning sponge.


Take regular cleaning sponge, or scouring pad and slice off a piece.

A craft knife, sharp scissors or regular knife can be used.

Depending on the area you will be cleaning with this DIY cleaning tool, cut the sponge as thick or as thin as you see it necessary.

Insert the piece of cut sponge into the clothespin. Using the clothespin to grip and hold it.

You can use this DIY clothespin and sponge cleaning combo to clean tight areas and crevices and corners that are hard to reach.

*TIP* Cut the sponge as thin or as thick as you like, depending on the size of the area you want to clean. Also, if you have a trick or two up your sleeves, please be kind and share with me 🙂

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