Before I knew better, I used to clean my cast iron skillet with harsh dish soap.

Forgive me, I am a babe 🙂 So my cast iron skillet gets quite rusty at times. So here is how I am now cleaning my cast iron skillet.



Materials Needed:
A Half Of Potato
Course Salt
Grease (Margarine or Oil )
My Rusty Cast Iron Skillet



I proceed by greasing my skillet with margarine. Oil can do the job too. I sprinkle some salt. Then I use the half of potato as my scouring pad. All the rust is gone in little time. Then I finish up by using a wee bit of mild sold for sanitization and rinsing thoroughly.



Just in case you might not know, here are some important things to know about cleaning your cast iron skillet…

Avoid using harsh soaps and cleaning agents on your cast iron pot.

Using steel wool is a strictly against the rules of cleaning your cast iron skillet or pot.

Anything that is abrasive is not recommended at all.



However, a mild soap may be used without causing too much damage.

It is better to opt for using a sponge than scotch brite.

A soft enough brush could be used to clean your cast iron skillet without causing too much damage.


You can season your skillet by coating with oil (inside and outside). Then placing in the oven for an hour or so.


Dutch Baby anyone?


Writing this post has brought me right back to some time ago when I made a Dutch Baby in my faithful cast iron skillet. Maybe I’ll need to do that again soon. How do you clean your cast iron skillet? What do you make in yours?

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