It’s my favorite time of year. Rain, early evenings and autumnal fragrances and spices. So I recently decided to do some Fall scented vinegar for cleaning.


But vinegar… I have a mixed relationship with vinegar. I love it but I don’t.

I like that I can use vinegar for cleaning and how much it rescues me in times of despair.

Let’s admit it though… Vinegar smells awful.


I don’t like the scent of vinegar in my home. I prefer to have it scented for a better experience.

Here is what you will need to make your own Fall Scented Homemade Cleaning Vinegar:



White Vinegar

Mason Jars


I used two lemons, two apples and two mason jars. Spot on 🙂  Right?

Just slice the apples and lemons.

Place them in the jars.

Add vinegar and close the jars properly.


Let it sit for about two weeks before using. When you finally open those jars, you should have some citrus- autumnal fragrance coming right up at you. I suggest that you label those jars to prevent mishaps in your home!

What projects are you doing this autumn? Any canning, apple pies, pumpkin pies or cleaning projects?

Happy Fall 🙂


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