I like using toothbrush holders. I have never really liked placing my toothbrush flat on any surface. I do not know how to really explain it. But I will get nightmares if I place my toothbrush flat on a surface.


So I always try to have a toothbrush holder and back up ones too!

But what if there comes a time when you don’t have a toothbrush holder and you don’t want to place your toothbrush flat on a surface.


Simply use a clothespin to create a stand for your toothbrush! I find this trick to be totally amazing 🙂

Maybe you don’t fancy a toothbrush holder as much as I do. So this stand might be a better option for you. This toothbrush stand could also come in handy for when you are travelling and using bathrooms that don’t belong to you. Just always make sure to pack a clothespin from now on.


This easy DIY may be a life saver too when you have guest sleeping over with no toothbrush holders. I am sure someone at some point will appreciate you setting up a toothbrush stand for them.



I am always excited to hear about the tricks you use to run your household. So please reach out by commenting or sending me an email if you would like to share. Thanks for reading 🙂

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