Let’s get this straight… No! I am not a beer drinker 🙂

But I won’t shy away from using it to as a cleaning agent.

Did you know that beer can be used as a cleaning agent? It can be also used to sanitize cuts and wounds. It has similar properties to rubbing alcohol. The difference is that beer is drinking alcohol.

Let’s just agree that it is good to always have some beer at home. Whether you just want to have a cool drink and relax, throw a party, or well, do some cleaning, beer is a good thing to have at hand.

If you have some beer at home, you could easily alleviate yourself of a few cleaning issues.

I recently found out that beer makes a good cleaner for your toilet brush.

Just pour some beer in the brush container and rinse properly.

Also, pour some beer down your kitchen sink drain to help with sanitization and keeping it fresh.

Here is how you can use beer for cleaning…

  • Pour some beer on toilet brush to eliminate odor and for sanitizing.
  • Clean and sanitize your counters with beer.
  • Pour beer over carpet stains and rub until stain is gone. Use water to finish cleaning up any residue of beer.
  • Soak copper pots and pans in beer to remove stubborn stains.
  • Use beer as to polish your wooden furniture to make them look shiny.



Do you think you will be trying out beer for cleaning too?

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