You might know by now that toothpaste is a very good cleaner. It is one of those products that you want to stock up on.

While I am experimenting with different ways to brush my teeth other than using toothpaste, I find that toothpaste is still a product I do not think I will stop using. That is for household and cleaning purposes though.

I recently discovered that toothpaste is a really good cleaner for a dirty iron face.

Apply the toothpaste the iron face and use a cleaning sponge to wipe it clean.

Here are some more ways you can use toothpaste for cleaning…

  • Use toothpaste to remove water stains from your coffee table.
  • Remove stains from clothes by applying toothpaste and, rubbing and rinsing with water.
  • Remove carpet stains by applying toothpaste and brushing with a toothbrush.
  • Use toothpaste as a hand sanitizer by rubbing on your hands and washing with water.


What else do you use toothpaste for?


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