I like cleaning up things around my home. I guess you might have realized that by now 🙂


It’s not that I really really like doing the hard work. But I like seeing things looking clean. And I feel much better in a clean home. So I just end up looking like I love cleaning. It can be fun at times though.

But I must admit… Not all the times.

Some household items just make cleaning so hard. Like fans… They are kind of technical to clean.

I have never liked cleaning fans before. So when I discovered an easy way to get my fans clean, a big burden was lifted off my shoulders.

So here is a painless way to clean your fans.

Get a regular sponge and use a sharp knife to slice it as seen in the photos.

After slicing the sponge, simply clean your fan with your new cleaning tool.

Make sure that the sponge is going into the crevices and corners of the fan for proper cleaning.

This method has changed my perspective on cleaning fans now. It is no longer an excruciating task for me.





If you have fans in your home, you will definitely feel better about cleaning them with this method 🙂


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