You might find this quite surprising…


Ketchup can be used as a cleaning agent!

Here is how it works for cleaning…

Ketchup is made of different ingredients. Vinegar and tomatoes are included in the ingredients.

The acid in tomatoes and vinegar can break down rust and help to make your pots and pans shiny. I don’t find that ketchup by itself will remove rust. But it can make your pots and pans more shiny.

The Ketchup Cleaning Trick: Submerge the item you want to clean in ketchup.

Let it soak for about 10 minutes. Remove and wash clean.

Wash with your regular soap and scouring pad. Then dry properly for a shiny finish.


I like using food and various household items for cleaning and other purposes around my house. What tricks and tips do you use around your home?

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