It is always good to be improvising and having back up plans for doing your chores and cleaning your home.

I am not a big fan of using bar soaps for cleaning. But they do come in handy at times.

It will not do any harm to keep a bar of soap in your cleaning caddy. It will give you options and serve as a much needed back up plan when the need arrives.


Here is a way to make cleaning easier when using a bar of soap…

Grab a bar of soap and shred it.


Then grab a cleaning sponge and cut a hole in the middle with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife.


Insert the shredded bar soap in a cut sponge.


Wet the sponge and use to clean. This can substitute for liquid soap.

Use this to wash dishes or any area you want to clean if you are out of liquid soap.

You can also use it to your heart’s desire. You do not have to be out of liquid soap to this for cleaning.

It is just as effective and is more convenient than using the entire bar of soap alongside the sponge.



To make this process easier, always keep a jar of shredded soap in your cleaning caddy.

This way, you won’t always have to go through the entire process when you want some shredded soap to use.

Shredded Soap & Sponge Trick

Shredded Soap & Sponge Trick

Shredding a bar of soap and using with sponge to make cleaning easier.


  • A Bar Of Soap
  • A Regular Cleaning Sponge


  • Grater
  • Knife/Scissors


  1. Use a craft knife, scissors or regular knife to insert into sponge and make a hole.
  2. The hole should be wide and deep enough for soap to be inserted.
  3. Shred the bar of soap with on the appropriate side of the grater.
  4. Insert the shredded soap into the sponge.
  5. Hold sponge under runner water or dip in container of water to get it soapy.
  6. Use to wash your dishes or to clean items in your house.

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