I have already covered a number of ways in which toothpaste can be used for cleaning. It is not only good for dental hygiene. It is a very good household cleaner too.

It can be even used as a jewelry cleaner.

If you aren’t new to my blog, you already know I like to find ways to make cleaning easy.

So here is a an easy way to use toothpaste when cleaning.

Toothpaste is a really good way to clean your shower and bathroom sink.

You will be using a sponge and toothpaste with this method.

Make a hole in the middle of a sponge and squeeze in a generous amount of toothpaste. A scissors or sharp knife can be used to cut the sponge.

This can be used to scrub your bathroom shower tiles and sink for really great results.

Toothpaste is a good and versatile cleaner, and putting it inside the sponge will make the cleaning process more convenient.




If you have any tips of your own, don’t hesitate to share with me.

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