It feels very annoying to me when I am out of dish soap. The alternatives for me are just not so convenient. Especially if I won’t be using another form of liquid soap.

Well… Maybe you could put some laundry soap in the washing water to get the water all soapy and nice. But, that has never really been my practice.

I like getting my sponge all soapy by adding soap to it. But that can get really awkward if you will be improvising by using a bar of soap.

I don’t like having to repeatedly rub the bar of soap onto the sponge to keep the sponge soapy. I just prefer things more simplified.


These days, I try not to run out of liquid soap or dish soap. But I never really say never! Who knows what can happen?

It is always good to have a backup plan. Just in case… So here is a little cleaning hack you can use if the need arrives.

If you are out of dish soap or liquid soap, here is how you can get the job done without having to make a run to the store, or put off those chores for another day.


Pull out a bar of soap and cut a slice off. Insert the slice of soap inside the sponge. You will need to cut the sponge in order for the slice of soap to be inserted. A regular scissors may be used to cut the sponge.

After inserting the slice of soap in the sponge, simply wet with water and get cleaning.



If you are washing dishes, just hold it under the pipe and wash the dishes. It will get soapy and is very effective as using liquid soap. Hope you like this trick if you try it!

You can also use this cleaning hack for not only washing dishes. If you are going to use sponge and bar soap to clean any household items, you can apply this method.

A Genius Sponge Cleaning Hack You Will Find Very Useful

A Genius Sponge Cleaning Hack You Will Find Very Useful

Making washing dishes with a sponge and bar soap easy.


If you need to use a bar of soap to improvise for dish soap, make a whole in the middle of your scouring pad or sponge.

Use a craft knife, a pair of scissors or a regular knife to do the cutting.

Insert the bar of soap into the sponge or scouring pad where you have made the hole.

You can cut a thinner slice from the soap to fit the sponge better, or use the entire bar of soap if the size is appropriate.

Use the soap and sponge to wash your dishes. Simply wet the sponge with the soap in it and rub to get it soapy.

It surely does make using a bar of soap with a sponge much easier 🙂

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